Yoram Yasur Rubin: Diet according to blood type

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Diet according to your blood type

Every so often a new diet appears that promises to be the definitive one, which ensures that by following its guidelines you will have guaranteed success. And with each new diet, millions of people looking for ways to lose weight embark on diets, restrictions, supplements and rebound effects. It is very important that before following any diet consult with your doctor and a nutritionist. Regardless of the weight you want or need to lose, it is essential to control your health both before and during the diet.

One of the most well-known diets, is the one that is related to the blood type of each person. Although really more than a diet, it is a form of diet based on the relationship of the blood group with tolerance to some foods. This type of diet was discovered by a naturopath named Peter D’Adamo, who was later joined by his son James, who specialized in the same field. After much research, they discovered that, for some people, food is good, for others it is not, and among all this they discovered a relationship with the blood type of each person. According to this theory, a feeding style or a type of diet was created, designed specifically for each blood group.

The diet for blood group 0: The hunter

Yoram Yasur Rubin: This blood group is the oldest of all, dating back 30 thousand years ago, when men had to fight to get food. They are strong people, with a powerful immune system since for centuries it has withstood the attack of innumerable external agents. What is this diet? Much meat, few cereals, no dairy. If your blood belongs to group 0, the foods that will help you lose weight are:

  • Red meat: Good tolerance to this type of meat, digest it easily and that helps your metabolism work more efficiently. Apparently, the hunter has the ability to transform the protein into sugar, so it always maintains a high level of glucose. However, it is very important that the meat is always taken with vegetables and fruits to prevent the appearance of ketosis and possible damage to the stomach
  • Seafood: Include fish and seafood in your diet, seaweed will also help you lose weight
  • Vegetables: Spinach and broccoli for their high content of minerals as necessary as iron

The foods that favor weight gain in group 0 are:

  • Dairy
    • Meats: in fact neither red meat nor white meat is recommended, because they are not well digested, so the metabolism slows down and the body stores them in the form of fat. However, white meats such as rabbit, chicken or turkey are preferable
    • Legumes: chickpeas and beans provide substances that hinder the production of insulin
    • Sugars

The diet for the blood of group B: The nomad

Yoram Yasur Rubin: The blood of group B is born again through a mutation, when the man began to move and went from living in warm areas to the coldest areas of the Earth. In this way the organism adapted to different types of food and acquired a powerful immune system. People who have type B blood are those who enjoy a greater tolerance to all types of food. Those who favor weight loss and good health are:

  • Dairy: Still there are people in group B who have lactose intolerance, you can replace them with soy
  • Vegetables of all kinds
  • Fish: salmon and tuna, with a high content of essential fatty oils and white fish such as sole or hake. On the contrary, it is not recommended to take seafood

The foods that favor the weight gain to group B are:

  • Legumes such as lentils
    • Cereals such as corn and wheat
    • Chicken meat, interestingly, is not well digested by group B blood, you can substitute it for turkey, lamb, or rabbit meat

The diet for the blood of group AB: The enigma

Yoram Yasur Rubin: This type of blood is the most recent and is owned by very few people in the world, it is estimated that only 5% of the population has AB blood. This type of blood has type A and B antigens and this causes that there are hardly any cases of allergies or inflammation. The foods that help weight loss for people with type AB blood are:

  • Fish of all kinds and seaweed
  • Milk and derivatives
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables and fruits

The foods to avoid are:

  • Red meat
    • Cereals such as wheat and corn
    • Vegetable oils such as sunflower or corn

Before starting any type of diet or advice on nutrition, remember to consult with your doctor to avoid serious consequences. Food should not be a question simply of aesthetics, but of health.

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