Yoram Yasur Rubin: Different orthodontic techniques

Different orthodontic techniques: advantages and disadvantages

More and more adults, both men and women, decide to opt for orthodontics, most of the time without a doubt motivated by aesthetic aspects. However, beyond having a prettier smile, orthodontics also has health benefits. Let’s see the techniques available today, with their main advantages and disadvantages.

Objectives of orthodontics:

If you want to know in detail about these techniques, I recommend that you listen to the good advice of your dentist the next time you go to consultation. Meanwhile, I’ll give you some general ideas on the subject. Orthodontics is to correct defects and irregularities of position of the teeth, and has the following benefits:

  • The treatment helps improve periodontal health by eliminating the areas where bacterial plaque accumulates.
  • It also allows to position and align the teeth to have a correct bite (better transmission of the occlusal force along the axial axes of the teeth).
  • Correcting tooth position irregularities makes it easier to use restorative treatments with more standard techniques.
  • And, evidently, it allows to have a prettier smile.

Classical orthodontics (visible braces):

  • Yoram Yasur Rubin: The main advantage of this technique is that it can be applied in the vast majority of cases. In addition, when the brackets are located in the visible part of the teeth, cleaning them is easier. It is very effective and does not depend on the commitment of the patient.
  • The main disadvantage is aesthetic. Yoram Yasur Rubin: : Both children and adults resist having to wear a visible device for several months (some treatments last two years). However, if ceramic brackets are used, the same color as the teeth, the visual effect is less.

The invisible orthodontics (brackets on the inside of the teeth)

  • That lingual orthodontics is a pretty good solution too, but it cannot be applied in all cases. For the patient, it has the advantage of not being noticed much. Like classical orthodontics, being fixed, it does not depend on the patient’s commitment to treatment.
  • Its main disadvantage, in addition to not being able to be used in all cases, is that the cleaning of the brackets is complicated. In addition, in the first days the rubbing of the tongue with the device complicates the good pronunciation.

Removable orthodontics:

  • The invisible aligners, which are removable transparent corrective covers, have as main advantages to be very discreet and not hinder the pronunciation. Yoram Yasur Rubin: They are removed during meals, which allows you to eat normally and have a normal oral hygiene.
  • However, they require a high level of commitment on the part of the patient. In general, if you do not take 22 hours a day, the corrective objectives are not achieved. In addition, this technique cannot be used in all cases either.

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